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Genetic Testing

The era of personalized medicine is here and Vista Healthcare offers physicians and patients the peace-of-mind that comes with precision prescribing. The days of one-size-fits-all prescribing are over.  Our simple and effective testing yields information that can be used to tailor prescription dosage based on a patient's own physiology.

Every human being is unique.  The prescription medication we take affects all of us differently.  Vista Healthcare offers testing for how each unique individual metabolizes medications for pain, cholesterol, cardiac issues and more, so that you can be confident that the dosage you receive is safe and effective for you.


Compound Pharmacy Creams

Dealing with chronic pain or the negative side effects of pain medication does not have to be part of a daily routine. Pharmacy compounding involves offering patients customized options for pain medication. Compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients. It provides personalized relief to those for whom pain management has become a way of life.

Scarring is also unique to each individual, and is best treated on a case by case basis.  Personalized compound creams are a potent way to target individual needs.

Because every individual is unique, the types of pain and scarring experienced are also unique. By working with our compounding pharmacy, physicians can prescribe treatments tailored specifically for individual pain management and scar treatment needs.